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Artistic Floors - Our Story


Charlie  Capalbo trained to be a master flooring craftsman in the late 1950s.  Through the early years, Charlie perfected his skills and specialized in  the installation of carpeting, vinyl and ceramic flooring. In 1962,  Charlie opened his own flooring business and founded Artistic Floors.  The business was small at first, in fact, he ran it from a home office  in White Plains, NY. Charlie’s strong work ethic and focus on customer  satisfaction led to rapid business growth. At the same time his business  was growing, so was his family. Charlie needed more space for his  family and a bigger shop. In 1964, Charlie moved to Rockland County, NY  along with his wife Mary and his 3 sons.

Charlie opened his first shop in Suffern, NY serving the residents of  Rockland and Bergen Counties. The shop was small and served him well  for several years. Business was good and his reputation in the area  began to grow. It was not from fancy advertising or gimmicks, just hard  work, quality craftsmanship and continued focus on the customer. By  1970, it was time to move to a larger shop just up the road. Through  word of mouth and repeat business even this new shop would not be  adequate for long. By the late 70s, it was time once again for a larger  shop. Down the block was the perfect location. It was much more spacious  and centrally located in the heart of downtown Suffern.  

Charlie liked the new location, but wanted to offer his residential  and commercial customers even more. He wanted to provide his customers  even greater value by maintaining a larger selection of in stock  flooring products. In order to do that, more space was needed. So in  1979, Charlie had a large warehouse built in the back of the store.  Customers are often surprised to walk into the seemingly small store  only to find a large warehouse filled to the brim with rolls of  carpeting and other flooring products ready for installation.  

In 1984, Joseph Capalbo joined his father in the business. The  business was renamed Capalbo and Son Inc. The name Artistic Floors was  also kept because by this time it was widely recognized in the area.  Joseph shares his father’s passion to provide quality flooring products  and service to the community. Together they operate the family business  that started over 40 years ago. Styles and products have changed, but  their dedication and commitment to you, their valued customers, remains  the same.  

It is our desire at Capalbo and Son Inc. D.B.A. Artist Floors to  provide our residential and commercial customers with top quality  products, expert installation and competitive pricing that you would  expect from a family owned and operated business. Come in and check out  our great selection and let us earn your business. 

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